Q & A

Q. What is the Paul Walker Foundation?

A. The Paul Walker Foundation is a non profit organization. 

Q. What does the Paul Walker Foundation do?

A. The simple answer is good. Our goal is to be a continuation of Paul and his passions. One of our priorities is to help provide educations to ocean leaders of tomorrow through scholarships and grants. One of Paul's goals was to finish his education in Marine Biology. We want to help others achieve that goal and more!

Q. Why the Ocean, Wildlife?

A. Paul was an explorer at heart. He loved to rescue animals, he loved to be in the ocean, interact with nature.

Q. Does the Paul Walker Foundation Have any Affiliates?

A. YES. The Paul Walker Foundation is currently working with the Monterey Bay Aquarium (one of Paul's favorite places) to identify amazing teens who are passionate about the ocean. The foundation is also working with the Ocean Futures Society. The Ocean Futures society is the foundation set up by Jean-Michel Cousteau, a prominent ocean leader and son of world famous ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau. Paul greatly respected Jean-Michel and his father's work.

Q. What is the Ocean Leadership Award at Monterey Bay Aquarium?

A. It is an award we have set up with the support of the Monterey Bay Aquarium in honor of Paul to recognize individuals who are making a difference in our oceans.

Q.Is the Paul Walker Foundation Affiliated with Reach out World Wide?

A. The Paul Walker Foundation is not associated with ROWW. However, many of Paul's friends and family who founded ROWW are working with the Paul Walker Foundation. We happily co-exist and support one another as we serve very different and important missions.

Q. Where do my donations go?

A. The majority of your donations will go towards scholarships, grants, and educating people about the ocean and its inhabitants. You can't feel the need to protect something you don't know. So, one of our goals is to help introduce and educate people about our oceans. We are working with respected leaders in the field like the Monterey Bay Aquarium, the Ocean Futures Society, and scientist Michael Domeier to target individuals, and a variety of educational programs.