At the center of The Paul Walker Foundation is Family. A collective group of individuals, alliances and like-minded organizations dedicated to fulfilling Paul Walker’s LEGACY as he lives on in our hearts and through our actions. 



"Growing up in Hawaii I developed a strong connection with the ocean. My father loved the ocean, and was always teaching me new things. I want this foundation to do many good things including help others who share my father’s passion."



Monterey Bay Aquarium

The Monterey bay aquarium has a very comfortable feeling for being such a leader in ocean conservation. It’s like being part of a family.  Paul loved the way the aquarium created a unique environment that provided the ability to share that passion with his daughter. Everyone that visits the aquarium is afforded this opportunity.  Paul always wanted to complete his education in Marine Biology. It seems fitting that the Paul Walker Foundation creates the opportunity for others to fulfill their education. 


Michael Domeier

"Paul had many passions in his life, but I sincerely believe the ocean brought him the most peace and Joy. Surf trips, fishing trips, diving trips...Just time on the water nurtured Paul's soul. His love for the ocean was not only experiential, he also had a burning academic curiosity for life in the sea. I was able to share my world with Paul and in return he helped me spread a positive message about the ocean to a wide and diverse audience. It brings me great joy to know that the Paul Walker Foundation will continue to educate, both individuals and the public, about the value of our oceans."


Jean-Michel Cousteau

"I will never forget the day when Paul walked into my Ocean Futures Society office in Santa Barbara and introduced himself as a shark advocate and ocean lover, and he asked, ‘what more can I do to help protect the ocean.’ His passion and love for the ocean was obvious and my time spent with him sharing shark encounter stories was a real delight. In honor of Paul, it is a real pleasure to support the Paul Walker Foundation in hopes of passing on Paul’s enthusiasm and passion for the ocean, our life support system. I told Paul that day in SB, if we protect the ocean, we protect ourselves."