Acts Spontaneous Goodwill keep pouring in....

leighajurasik I nominate my mother, she's been through so much in her marriage from verbal abuse to physical abuse she is the toughest person I know and she has taught me to be strong and independent and never rely on a man for anything. and that is who I nominate for spontaneous goodwill ? #SpontaneousGoodwill @paulwalkerfdn #PaulWalkerFoundation #DoGood

kelwit@jordanabrewster @paulwalkerfdn #Spontaneousgoodwill a random stranger gave the cashier $20 to put towards my mom's purchases while at Walmart today. My mom let the woman go in front of her since this woman only had 2 items. Cashier was told it's a random act of kindness.

sarahmalia_model Rescued a sweet tiny kitten from the highway ??✨? @paulwalkerfdn #spontaneousgoodwill #paulwalkerfoundation #kitten #rescue #sweetness #sweetnessoverload #precious ??

misstayrodriguez I decided to help out and volunteer at my local nature center. I was there for a few hours and helped the employees with raking, planting plants, picking up trash, etc. It was a great day that I look back on a lot. It's always good to give back and I loved giving back to Mother Nature. @paulwalkerfdn #spontaneousgoodwill #dogood

teeniepics Since Paul Walker died I have been inspired to #dogood which I thought would be hard as a single mom with limited means. Happily I found out I could contribute with bottles of water I keep in my car, blankets, shoes, spare change and my time. #spontaneousgoodwill

ahmadqureshi66 I Have Helped Poor Peoples. I Have Also Save A Life Of A Man.He Was Standing At Road But Suddenly He Said Me Help Me Please I Am Not Feeling Well Please Help Me And Suddenly He Cant Control Himself Also And Fell down On The Road Then I Take Him To Hospital And Now He Is Fine.#spontaneousgoodwill

ashhyuub @paulwalkerfdn Started a blog to share my travels with the world hoping that it will inspire others to appreciate the beauty in nature that we so often look past. ( #SpontaneousGoodwill

mallorypaigep This is my boyfriend Sam in Matamoros, Mexico. It is a city that has been taken over by crime and poverty and isn't considered the safest place to go. But regardless of the circumstances, he has been visiting there every summer for several years to do construction work for the locals as well as food distribution. But above all, he has such a heart for the people of Matamoros. He looks forward to visiting with them every year and doing what he can to help make their lives just a little brighter in such a dark place. It's what keeps him coming back. Paul's legacy and ROWW have also been huge inspirations in his life. I couldn't be more proud of what he has done and what he continues to do! #SpontaneousGoodwill @paulwalkerfdn

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  • Larry Liu

    Hi….I don’t know whether someone still operating site….
    What I want to say is today I want to buy something from your store, after I add the goods I want to the cart, I went to the payment page and UNFORTUNATELY only CREDIT CARDS available. I have paypal and DEBIT CARD, no CREDIT one…cz I’m just a college student. So I am wondering whether you can open up an access to Paypal or just direct DEBIT PAYMENT method.
    By the way, lots of Paul’s fans in China mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan are eager to buy some of your things , especially in China mainland. But many of us don’t have a very convenient access. So, how about open up a store on Taobao? I think it’s most of our Chinese fans’ wishes.
    Always for Paul.

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