sheenabeep27I started a pay-it-forward Facebook group to help new moms in need. We give donated bottles, diapers, formula, clothes, furniture, etc in good condition to single moms that just need a helping hand. ? #PaulWalkerFDN #SpontaneousGoodwill

leighajurasikI nominate my mother, she's been through so much in her marriage from verbal abuse to physical abuse she is the toughest person I know and she has taught me to be strong and independent and never rely on a man for anything. and that is who I nominate for spontaneous goodwill ? #SpontaneousGoodwill @paulwalkerfdn #PaulWalkerFoundation #DoGood

I nominate my daughter Samantha Flores for her act of kindness. She is a 17 year old senior whose main purpose in life is to help other people. This summer she put together backpacks and filled them with school supplies and donated them to the elementary school in our community which she also attended she also donated bags of supplies to community members that asked for helped. Right now she is working on filling backpacks for the homeless. After she completes this she will continue with donating teddy bears to the children's hospital closest to her. She raises money through her job, fundraisers and some very generous people that have helped her. #‎spectacularkindofkindness

chrissyloopinI bought 4 homeless men and a lady a hot meal and drink the other day they were so grateful! Such a small act of kindness @paulwalkerfdn #spontaneousGoodwill @meadowwalker

ashmed_86I always try to help animals in need. I rescued two kittens on the verge of death. I even rescued a full grown cow that was lost on a back road without a farm even close. I can't bare to see an animal in need or lost. I also donate clothing, food and anything I can to a church in our town. They then let under the income families have the clothing, food, and decor for free. @paulwalkerfdn #Spontaneousgoodwill

oneforpaul This one guy on Youtube gave $1000 to a homeless man and also bought him a home with furniture, appliances, and gift cards. @paulwalkerfdn #Spontaneousgoodwill

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