Walking Forward Disaster Relief Team Jenna Sparkle for all her hard work to help horses before emergencies xx

Johanna A Whyte I nominate the parents of Alyssa O'Neill #AJO who made the news around the world, check this out:
This young lady died of epilepsy very suddenly, she was a teen. Now her family created a foundation in honor of her daughter. They have a Facebook page, AJO Forever in our Hearts.

Olja Najbolja Paul Walker Foundation I nominate my sister Mia Mia for always helping people around her, she is super passionate about helping sharks from being extinct and finning. Every birthday she donates money to WWF where the funds go to helping sharks from being endangered. She is fascinated with marine biology and this would mean so much to her as Paul Walker was and still is one of most inspirational people to her. She hopes to one day get the chance to swim with a Great White in the open #spontaneousGoodwill

2legit2quitbrit@paulwalkerfdn @cherylm532 is always doing nice things for others w/ no expectations in return! ? #spontaneousgoodwill

charmieendita #SpontaneousGoodwill I nominate Daniel Razon, dubbed as the Mr. Public Service of the Philippines jule_from_mars@paulwalkerfdn #SpontaneousGoodwil

karinasfrankI nominate my dad he has raised four kids that my mom had from four different affairs. He treats them and has been there since day one. There are no words to describe his goodwill to them. He works from 5
karinasfrank7am-6pma at 63 years old. He walk there and back. #spontaneousgoodwoll

flynniebob5 @paulwalkerfdn and I cleaned my neighbours kitchen for him I always do good will when I can. I love love love you @racepaul

skye_hills@paulwalkerfdn #spontaneousgoodwill I have multiple fan pages in memory of Paul Walker which I spend lots of time on every day ? RIP, Pablo ?

pw_archmish@paulwalkerfdn I nominate my best frnd ..she always do good things..she helps lot of ppl..sensitive towards everyone..racepaul❤️

d_men33I nominate @oh_myneck_myback #SpontaneousGoodwill @paulwalkerfdn she is always helping people even if she is left with nothing

kimjuguilon @paulwalkerfdn #SpontaneousGoodwill, I nominate my Lala, my Japanese octogenarian grandmother. She lives in the Philippines and has been good to Filipinos. She embraced Filipino culture very well. She's the kindest person I know. She's still strong despite her old age. I never heard her speak bad words. She loves animals. She extends help to those in need. She's respected for being a good person inside out.

hibmamaI nominate my daughter, because she has for everyone good words, even if it's a bad day for her @paulwalkerfdn @babsi_maus

c.c315 @paulwalkerfdn #SpontaneousGoodwill I am a school age teacher for KinderCare and children are my life. I was leaving a 7-11 a couple nights ago after work and as I was walking out, coming in where 2 kids no more then 11. The youngest was bleeding from multiple cuts and scrapes above his elbow caused by an ugly fall off his bike and I saw no one offering to help take care of him. Being CPR and First aid certified I ran to my car were I carry an emergency bag and brought the supplies to clean him up, bandage and send him home. He told me his story and was grateful for my help. It is my nature to help because I'm told I have a good heart and this world needs more people who can show Random Acts of Kindness! #RipPaulWalker gabriel.caldwell@soleil.danielle

jago.walshI talked my friend out of suicide 3 times. I stayed up till 3 in the morning talking to him telling him that it would be okay and then my friend told me that he ran away from home so I ran to his house which was the other side of town. Another story was when I was in turkey and I saw a astray kitten being attacked by a dog, I thought they were just play fighting until I saw the blood and I quickly grabbed the car and ran to my hotel room, I looked after her for a week and named her Chloe. I got attached to her quickly, she was the most gentle animal I ever met and I think about her all the time, I later realised her because I was hiding her from my mum in a closet which I made comfortable for her, I gave her my blanket and pillow to rest on because she shacked a lot. For the rest of the holiday I was upset that I couldn't see her again but I knew she would be okay because she's my little angel. #spontaneousgoodwill

palomaninitaI nominate my mommy. She did everything for me. A lot of work, a lot for one of my smile. And now She is my guardian angel. My beautiful fairy. Always love her. #spontaneousgoodwill

robertthorpe90I often pay for old gentleman's and woman's at my local café.. When I finish before them and tell the waitress il cover their's too... I never say anything.. Just leave in the knowledge that will make them smile... It's tiny thing's like that what can make somebody's day so much brighter

Autumn_victoriaa #SpontaneousGoodwill I nominate @mommmortiz Renee Ortiz who has a kind heart and finds comfort and happiness in helping others mommmortizI sprinkle kindness here in NYC never telling anyone, until now lol the amounts of small random acts of kindness I try to do in one day! It's a personal goal I set, doing anything from donating money and food to homeless people around the city or donating to a religious organization to constantly giving up my seats on the subway and bus to opening doors for those whose hands are full from smiling and wishing a random stranger to have a great day, to leaving a little bit of live wherever I go, but mostly I try to live the way your dad lived which is to be kind to anyone who crosses my path! @paulwalkerfdn #PaulWalkerFoundation #SpontaneousGoodwill


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