Celebrating Spontaneous Goodwill

SHARE your act of #SpontaneousGoodwill or NOMINATE someone else for theirs. Tag @paulwalkerFDN and #SpontaneousGoodwill, we will share & celebrate some of the best stories. 4 people will win Paul Walker Foundation Merchandise on 11/4 when winners are announced. #DoGood


  • Janice Williams

    Kids & Creatures raises funds for established charities such as NSPCC, World Wildlife Fund & Whale & Dolphin Conservation Society by auctioning celebrity and non-celebrity items with the proceeds going to benefit children and animal charities.

    Kids & Creatures was founded by myself, Janice Williams in an effort to help the innocent children of this world that are harmed or abused and/or living in poverty and the animals and creatures of this world that are hunted, killed, and are losing their habitat.

    Would be so grateful for any item I could auction. Thank you.

  • Milana

    One day, going to school, I saw an old woman with a heavy bag in his hand and decided to help her. I brought it home and it turned out that she lives alone, and her family all the same. I could not leave her, and every day after school went to her. Help with the housework, cooking, and she went with her to the hospital, I helped pay the bills and just chatted with her. It became to me as a native and I love her with all my heart. But people do not live forever, and after 2 and a half years she died. My family and I buried her. I could not hold back tears. I still cry when I remember it. It was a very good woman with a tender heart. Thanks to her, I learned a lot. After the funeral, her relatives showed up and demanded her apartment. The matter had to be addressed through the courts. He stood on our side and we went flat. Mom wanted to sell it, but I insisted that the money from the sale of my mother transferred to the first channel to help seriously ill children. We have done so. The story is that a lot has changed in my life and I’m very grateful. Every evening, I remember that my grandmother and Paul Walker, and I thank God for giving us such wonderful people, and I cry because they are too early to leave this life … Paul, we love you and remember you forever in our hearts.

  • Милана

    Однажды идя со школы я увидела старушку с тяжелой сумкой в руках и решила ей помочь. Я довела ее до дома и оказалось что она живет одна, а родственникам на нее все равно. Я не смогла ее оставить и каждый день после школы ходила к ней. Помогала по хозяйству, готовила, ходила с ней в больницу, помогала оплачивать счета и просто болтала с ней. Она мне стала как родная и я ее полюбила всем сердцем. Но люди не живут вечно и через 2 с половиной года она умерла. Я и моя семья похоронили ее. Я не могла сдержать слез. Я и сейчас плачу когда ее вспоминаю. Это была очень добрая женщина с нежным сердцем. Благодаря ей я узнала много нового. После похорон объявились ее родственники и потребовали ее квартиру. Дело пришлось решать через суд. Он встал на нашу сторону и квартира досталась нам. Мама хотела ее продать, но я настояла на том чтобы деньги от продажи мама перевела на Первый канал для помощи тяжело больным детям. Мы так и поступили. Эта история много что изменила в моей жизни и я этому очень благодарна. Каждый вечер я вспоминаю эту бабушку и Пола Уокера и благодарю Бога, что подарил нам таких замечательных людей, и плачу потому что они очень рано уходят из жизни… Пол мы тебя любим и помним, ты навсегда в нашем сердце.

  • Tom



    Go Turtles!

  • Tom

    Ever since I have heard about and seen a turtle I have always loved them and have always wanted them to be secure and to live for however long they can before a potential extinction. Although I am not old enough to get a job yet or volunteer for a job I will always pick up harmful things towards turtles, such as plastic bags that will distress or even take the life away from a turtle. Everyday at school or even on the street picking up plastics bags or wrappers are a priority that I will always follow and always have followed. I hope that that turtles will be guarded and looked after for how ever long they can.

  • Jennifer Gordon

    my Instagram is :LaVdaLoca ^^

  • Jennifer Gordon

    check out my blog for my dance videos I post to help others create good contagious energy!
    I’m on tumblr, username: tigerlily30

    In short, I’ve created this blog to help motivate myself to discover and live out my true-self! Along the way since I’ve started it, I’ve realized what my life/soul purpose is and that’s to share the love I have within me, with others! I want to motivate ppl to be happy and stretch their comfort zones in ways that help them grow in a more loving/positive/adventurous direction! I have been blessed with some solid individuals in my life lately that has led me to where I am now and it’s because of them as well as myself I am finally getting closer to acheieving my dreams! So please please take the time to check out my blog, tumblr: tigerlily30 and Instagram for my participation and post on this act of kindness! It would mean the world to me but even more so the world to my daughter when she sees me striving to make my dream come true daily!

  • Sarah

    I nominate Jan Wilson for going out of her way to make sure the helping hands program has food for people in need. She personally takes time to pick up groceries and talk to local businesses about giving food. She also takes the time to package and hand deliver it to those in need.

  • Jaq Bannister

    I nominate Melissa Crawshay Williams for her unstinting kindness, patience and generosity. It is unusual for people in privileged positions to demonstrate personal help and support to all and welcome them with no agenda. With a light touch she brings souls together, warming the hearts and lives of all who are lucky enough to have known her. Spontaneous goodwill is Melissa.

  • Chelsey

    For about a year, I used to volunteer at an animal shelter and I took care of cats and dogs that were abused and neglected. Since I’ve moved, I have joined a program that prepares you and gives you a knowledge of being a police(which protect people). I have also joined a medical academy which I soon hope to go study cardiology and help people by saving their life. #sponataneousgoodwill

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